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Quality Video Marketing is More Important Than Ever

It’s impossible to visit any social media site without coming across a video-based ad as you scroll down the page. This sort of commercial delivery is stimulating to the viewers and drives the future of marketing. 80% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, which means that video marketing is more important than ever.

Today’s consumers demand companies who understand and share experiences with them. People want advertisements that identify with their needs and that they can believe in. The good news for marketers and creative agencies is that consumer trust in online advertisements is up.

Credible and Engaging Advertising Maintains Consumer Interest

Crafting the perfect video ad for your target audience is not easy. The obvious importance of the visual aspects of the project often make the audio portion seem trivial and make it a last minute consideration. However, ensuring that your message is delivered via a professional voiceover talent will greatly reduce click-away viewer loss and increase consumer trust and interest.

The average person see thousands of advertisements a day but is only aware of viewing eighty-six. Today’s consumers are highly discerning and allow only twelve of those ads to make an earnest impression on them. Twelve! The advertisements which are boring, poorly done, and untrustworthy are all forgotten as quickly as they’re consumed. If you want your video marketing to stand apart from the rest, you have to produce an advertisement that is instantly engaging and credible.

Professional Voiceover Talent Creates Superior Quality

Pairing well executed video with professional voiceover audio gives your target audience a great first impression and proves that your company is credible enough to practice excellency. Experienced voice talent will provide superior audio that mimics the distinction and emotion of the rest of your production. Mood, tension, and continuity can be lost when scripts are voiced by irritating or bland non-professionals. Skilled voiceover talent upholds these vital elements and keeps your viewers emotionally engaged.

Is Using a Professional Voiceover Talent Cost-Effective?

If you’re investing in video marketing for your product and have already made the financial investment in a smooth, visually appealing ad, the upgrade to a professional voiceover artist is imperative to the overall quality of your product. You’ve already spent the time and money to build a first-class image and so, investing in premium audio is the pivotal next step.

With acclaimed companies like The Voice Ninja, you can spend less than two-hundred dollars for production-ready audio on a sixty-second video. Professional voiceover talents provide clear, concise, and emotionally resonating information without distracting the viewer from the message or product.

Competition for consumers through video marketing is fierce—AdvertisingAge reports that twenty percent of your viewers will quit watching after only ten seconds.

Your advertisements deserve to be seen and heard. Create video-marketing that is dependable and engaging in all facets by hiring a professional voiceover artist who will deliver your message with the right tone, beat, and personality that captivates your target audience’s interest.

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