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I want to place an order. How does this work?

There are two, basic ways to go about placing an order.

  1. If you know what you want, have your script, and want the fastest, easiest ordering and delivery process, you can go to the Services page and place your order directly through the website. You’ll attach your script to the order on the Checkout page and I’ll deliver it to you in less than 24 hours (usually quite a bit less!).
  2. If you have any questions, would like to hear a sample reading or audition, aren’t sure what you should order, need help writing or refining your script, have a script for BROADCAST purposes, have a large eLearning or audiobook script, or would like to talk to me for any other reason, just contact me and I’ll respond within a few business hours to get the ball rolling.
How fast will my voiceover be delivered?

Voiceover is what I do and I spend my workday in the studio. Often, I’ll be able to get a short or medium length order to you within 1 to 4 hours. Very rarely, it can take up to 24 hours. Longer narrative pieces, like eLearning scripts, audiobooks, or documentaries, take longer and a timeline will be discussed during the order process – in fact, that’s why you can’t order longer voiceovers on the Services page and need to contact me directly!

I do try to take time off on the weekends and in the evenings to spend time with my family, but my professional studio is located on our property and I can often deliver special rush jobs after-hours, though there may be an additional fee.

How do you deliver files?

Depending on the final file size and your delivery preference, I can deliver via email (for smaller files), Dropbox, FTP, or WeTransfer.com.

What file formats do you provide?

I can provide production-ready voiceovers in any audio file format. If you have a specific format or file spec, don’t hesitate to let me know. If you don’t specify a format or spec, I’ll usually deliver a 320 kbps MP3 audio file, but can also deliver WAV, AIFF, u-LAW and other formats to meet your needs.

What types of payment do you accept?

I prefer to be paid through PayPal. You can pay with a credit card via my online checkout page or an emailed invoice even if you don’t have a PayPal account, and if you do have a PayPal account, you’re able to pay with your PayPal balance, via transfer from your bank account, by credit card, or by PayPal credit.

PayPal is secure and you’ll be seamlessly redirected to the PayPal page during the checkout and payment process, ensuring that the transaction is secure, safe, and that I never see or handle your credit card number directly. I promise that I’m trustworthy, but it’s just easier if we avoid that complexity!

If you really, really don’t want to pay with PayPal, I can also accept checks and money orders.

When do I pay?

Small orders and orders through the website require full, upfront payment and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. My pricing reflects the time and energy that this saves me and my office staff in accounting and payment collection. If you need to be invoiced and pay at a later date for bookkeeping reasons, just let us know.

Larger orders usually require a 50% deposit at the start of the project, include a sample read to pin down the tone and style, and then require the remaining balance to be paid when the final files are delivered. I prefer to send electronic invoices, but can send paper invoices through the mail if you prefer that for some reason.

Will you audition my script or read a sample?

Absolutely! Just contact me and I’d be happy to provide a sample reading or audition at no cost.

Will you travel to my studio / a studio near me?

In this day and age of technological wonder, I rarely travel to other studios, even those that are within a few minutes driving distance. I can offer phone and Skype patches so that you and your creative team can listen in and offer real-time feedback and direction while I’m recording. I can also stream high fidelity audio directly to other studios equipped with SourceConnect, ISDN, or ipDTL, allowing them to manage my audio feed as if I’m onsite.

However, there are certainly times when the creative direction and vibe are at their best when everyone is in the same location, or when large, multi-day jobs are best tackled onsite. In those situations, I will gladly travel and charge actual travel expenses and, possibly, a small travel fee, depending on the specific situation.

Will you do rereads?

My goal is to give you great quality audio that exceeds your expectations. If you need or want a reread (or two . . . or three!) to adjust or fine tune the delivery of your script, just let me know. Your investment in my services is backed up by our money-back, satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy, I’ll find a way to make you happy or else I’ll give you your money back!

If you need a reread due to a change in your script, please note that there may be additional fees.

Do you belong to a union?

While I am a member of a number of professional organizations, I am not a union member. That may change at a later date, but being an independent voiceover talent fits my lifestyle and business needs quite well right now.