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The Voice Ninja
Jeremy Vore at the Editing Desk

Jeremy has my male voiceover business. Always a pleasure to work with, very professional and knows what needs to be done.


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Let’s be honest. I’m not really a ninja.

But I do sometimes wear an all black outfit when I’m paddling my kayaks and surf skis.

What I am is a communicator. A mobile and virtual entrepreneur. A dad and husband and friend. My heart beats faster when I see great visual creativity, I’ll always lean forward to listen to a wonderful story, and hearing my children laugh gives me little prickles in the center of my chest.

I work in a mostly virtual world, delivering professional voiceovers to clients around the globe. It’s creative and challenging and exciting. I have to be adaptable, always looking for the leading edge of marketing technology, online communication, and digital marketplaces. But it also evokes our deepest human past and distills down to the basics of communication and connection. I like that.

This website is my personal, direct online connection with my customers. We get to cut out the middle man, avoid the agents, and work together. I also cut out the middle man’s share of the revenue and pass the savings onto the clients who work with me through TheVoiceNinja.com.

So pull up a chair. Tell me your story, and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s record our voices and communicate with the masses. It will be fun!

—Jeremy Vore

The Voice Ninja Team

The Voice Ninja is more than just Jeremy’s voice. We have a creative studio team to write scripts, manage post-production, fully produce audio for commercial soundtracks, explainer videos, telephony systems, and more.

When you get a Voice Ninja voiceover, it’s Jeremy’s voice, backed up by a talented, wonderful team of creative professionals who specialize in audio production.


WOW! Excellent! Just what I wanted … and better. Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely be coming back the next time I need VO work done!


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The Ninja Team